Valkyrie Supply
Don't be fooled by the name, these are not small combs.
Great general purpose combs.  Good for fine to medium
fibers, but will work on anything.  Sturdy all maple
construction.  The combing head is 4 inches wide with a
3 inch working width. Tines are 3¾ inch long hardened
polished steel.  Tips of the tines are bent back to help
the combs pass by each other without interference.
Available in single and double row versions
Mini Combs
Extra Fine Combs
Designed specifically for finer, shorter fibers.  
43 closely spaced tines per comb mounted in
n all maple handle.  The combing head is 5
inches wide with a 4 inch working width.
Viking Combs
Traditional larger style combs. These workhorses are
recommended for long and medium staple sheeps wool
as well as llama and angora goat. 4.5“ tempered steel
tines are firmly set in 5“ wide hardwood handle.